Raven walked along the sandy beach, alone.  He wanted someone to talk to.  You see, in those days, animals and people understood each others’ languages.  So, when Raven heard voices crying, “Let us out!  Let us out!” he knew the voices of people and he searched for the source of the sound.

He came upon a giant clam shell, and from inside came the voices.  Raven pried the clam shell open with his strong beak and let the people out.  Now he would have someone to talk to!

“Thank you, Raven,” said a small spokesperson.  “But how shall we survive?  We are very cold.”

I will bring you a sun,” said Raven.  “He will warm you.”

Raven flew to the part of the sky where the suns lived.  While they slept, he grabbed a small sun in his beak and flew away.  But the baby sun was hot, so Raven nestled it in a bank of clouds and flew to the North Pole.  There, he dipped his talons repeatedly into the cold water until they were thickly covered with ice Thus he was able to carry the little sun home in his talons.

When he reached the People, the ice on his talons melted and a great shower drenched them.  Soon, however, the People dried in the warmth of their new little sun.

So the People talked to Raven and grew stronger, and bigger, and as they grew, so did the sun, so that it could take care of their needs.  But Raven did not change.  Finally, the People became as we are today. Raven still talks to us; however, now that we have grown up, we have forgotten his language.

This sterling silver “Emerging Mankind” bracelet is designed by Barry Herem.  Mr. Herem, a best-selling artist, has worked in the emer-mankind6Haida style for many years.  The etching represents the clamshell creation myth when Raven helped the first people emerge from the clamshell.

This bracelet is 6 1/4 inches long and the gap is 1 inch.  At the ends the silver is rolled in, making this bracelet very comfortable to wear.  The bracelet is 7/8 inch wide at its widest
emer-mankind4part, tapering to 1/4 inch at the ends. It is machine made, but with accurate detail; thus it bears the artist’s signature. Inside, it is signed “Barry Herem,” then the MAG stamp (Metal Arts Group) and the word, “sterling.”  Retail price of this bracelet is $206.00.  It is available for sale in my Ebay store.  Just click on the Ebay link to go there.

The sterling silver “Raven Steals the Sun” bracelet is a design by Danny M. Dennis.  Mr.
ravensun2Dennis is a native Gitksan of the Tsimshian tribe, from the village of Kiwanga.  He is self-taught.  He has been producing Northwest Coast art since 1978.  He uses a variety of materials, including metal, ivory and silkscreen prints in the Tlingit style.

This bracelet is 6 3/4 inches long, with a gap that measures 1 5/8 inches.  The bracelet is 1 1/8 inches wide.  It is machine made, with great attention to detail and excellent quality design reproduction.  Inscription inside includes the artist’s signature, D. ravensun1Dennis; the MAG (Metal Arts Group) stamp, and the word “sterling.”  Retail price of this bracelet is $338.00. It is available for purchase in my eBay store.