1plant-lore“Plant Lore of an Alaskan Island” identifies the most common plants in the Kodiak Archipelago.  It includes edible and medicinal plants and recipes for preparing them to eat.  There is a special medicinal index cataloguing all the medical  conditions for which the plant has been used and a short description of the method of use.  As Native uses of the plants are emphasized, the book is somewhat of an ethnobotany.

There are 336 pages in this book.  It covers over 200 plants, organized by habitat.  Supplemental indexes include a plant family index, a glossary of flower and plant parts, and a flower color index, including a section of beautiful color pictures (photos by Evelyn Wiszinckas.)  There is a medicinal index, a section on berry varieties, hints on cooking wild edibles, and a 2plant-loresection on making dyes.  There is also a glossary and bibliography.

Plant descriptions, recipes, and anecdotes about foraging trips are included.  Two artists, Barbara Burch and Sandra Coen, drew the illustrations that accompany each plant.

You will notice that my “Backwoods Botany” category on this blog provides you with articles about wild plants.  Information presented there comes from my book, but also often contains additional content that is not included in the book.

This book sells in bookstores for $82.00.  Order from me for a special price of $67.00, which includes priority shipping.